My Top Ten Instagram Photos This Year (travelwellflysafe)

“Just give me a thousand words and you may make your own pictures.”
Erica Goros

I have been instagramming for about half of the year. I see the world in pictures anyway so it is really fun for me. I learn as I go. I have “internet brain” now. i think it’s going to be a real thing. It is getting harder and harder to immerse myself in a book or lengthy article. It is much easier to spend time looking at photos that have nothing to do with anything, places I want to go or have been or finding the perfect emoji to put on my comment. My topic hopping, time-wasting, hashtagging, bad spelling sessions have resulted in this blog. (No particular order)

#sunset (Yesilkurt,Turkey)


#hiking in#redmountain (St. George, Utah)


impossibly#wide #beach (Marajo, Brazil)


Can you take a bad #Venice photo? (Italy)


#car in#cuba (Varadero,Cuba)


#streetart in #bogota (Colombia)


Holding up the #mountain just noticed the #cross (Tilcara, Jujuy, Argentina)


#cactus or #cacti  (Jujuy, Argentina)


#sunset makes the best #photo (Izmir, Turkey)


Another boring day in #marajo (Belém, Brazil)


None of my LA photos made it into the top ten. Instagram likes me out-of-town, with mountains, a beach and a great sunset. I agree.

Fly safe,



Top Ten Reasons For Going To Salta And Jujuy

Top Ten Reasons For Going To Salta And Jujuy  ( Northern Argentina)

1 Porque no?  (Why not?)

2.I can practice my Spanish.

3. I have never been there.

4.Most people have never been there.

5. I can try cow trachea, intestines, stomach stew and various other organs.  ( new food blog – animal parts i have never eaten before)

6.It looks like another one of those most beautiful places on earth.

7.I’m going to beat my car sickness on those windy mountain roads (or im not and feel sorry for my car mates unless I am so carsick that I don’t care.)

8. I want to see the salt fields.

9.  I get to spend time in Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls.

10. I love the Andes and the altitude.

Adios, Seguia con cuidado,