Top Ten Reasons For Going To Salta And Jujuy

Top Ten Reasons For Going To Salta And Jujuy  ( Northern Argentina)

1 Porque no?  (Why not?)

2.I can practice my Spanish.

3. I have never been there.

4.Most people have never been there.

5. I can try cow trachea, intestines, stomach stew and various other organs.  ( new food blog – animal parts i have never eaten before)

6.It looks like another one of those most beautiful places on earth.

7.I’m going to beat my car sickness on those windy mountain roads (or im not and feel sorry for my car mates unless I am so carsick that I don’t care.)

8. I want to see the salt fields.

9.  I get to spend time in Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls.

10. I love the Andes and the altitude.

Adios, Seguia con cuidado,


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons For Going To Salta And Jujuy

  1. Hi Jayne,

    Have a wonderful trip – don’t forget to bring back one of those native women’s derby shaped hats, a relief from your floppy malaria-proof usual headgear.

    Fly safe,


  2. Realmente fue un gusto haberte conocido, y gracias por haber elegido mi trabajo. Saludos

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