The Hundredth Monkey

The Hundredth Monkey

“You dream a dream, and you go with it. You may think you know where you are going, but you will never know where it is going to take you. It takes you to places you never thought.” ~Verlen Kruger

I’ve been writing my blog for a year now. I think I am better at writing then when I started. Unfortunately, I am at the same level with punctuation, grammar and time management. I like writing in the morning or late at night. I still don’t like beets. More people are reading it but i am slowly learning how to put it out there. I’m waiting for the hundredth monkey.

On the island of Koshima, Japan, scientists gave monkeys sweet potatoes covered in sand. They liked the taste but didn’t like eating the sand. An eighteen month old female monkey learned how to wash the sand off the sweet potato in the stream. She taught it to her mother and her friends. Her friends taught it to their mothers. Soon, all the young monkeys were washing the potatoes. The adult monkeys did it if they learned from a young monkey. Only some of the adult monkeys were doing it.

One day, supposedly the hundredth monkey learned to wash the sweet potatoes. By the evening all the monkeys were washing the potatoes. Suddenly monkeys on the other islands in Japan began to wash the sweet potatoes.

It is believed that when a certain number achieves awareness it can be transmitted from mind to mind.

So that’s what im hoping. One day all of the people will start reading my blog because there is a point where the awareness is picked up by everyone. Then, it will continue. Until that day, I ‘ll just keep writing. Because it is fun! Thanks for reading it.!

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18 thoughts on “The Hundredth Monkey

  1. I love reading this. They have wonderful figurative language.and are written with such joy and enthusiasm .i learn a lot about places I will never get to go,. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight.

  2. I likes that! In d. C. Coming back from a wedding Lets get together next week Xo

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  3. Hi Jayne, To borrow from Popeye, your motto is now “I yam who I yam,” a sweet potato pun for ya from your neighboring 100th monkey. Harv

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  4. Wonderful post Jayne ~ and I love the story behind this parable. This is very interesting as there is so much being made of consciousness and the insights neuroscientists have in terms of what it is (and how it works). Enjoyed this piece very much, and it seems as if you’ve found the 100th monkey in terms of your writing & blogging. Safe travels ~

    • Thanks for reading. When I was reading your blog I pictured those monkeys as the ones in this story. Maybe they were they looked very intelligent and it was in Japan. I haven’t been to Hokkaido yet but I will on my next trip. I have to see those monkeys.

      • The Japanese Macaque are in Hokkaido but the main place are the hot springs outside of Nagano. Hokkaido in the winter is amazing…then again, so is Nagano 🙂

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