Things I Dislike, Things I Like (In Traveling and In Life)

Things I Dislike, Things I Like

There is only one thing worse than a man who doesn’t have strong likes and dislikes, and that’s a man who has strong likes and dislikes without the courage to voice them.

Tony Randall

Things I Like: traveling anywhere I haven’t been, ketchup, black picture frames, hotel soaps, anything by architect Sinan, Heathrow, hot weather, the Turtle Trainer, high heels, Venice, every country’s fried dough with sugar, Japanese fashion, theater, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, ryokans, medical research, waking up in Croatia, scrabble, Buddhist Temples, shopping, sushi, world music, bookstores, coffee, mid century modern, dulce de leche, plaid, Thai greetings, Doctors Without Borders, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, modern art museums, yuzu, Spanish guitar music, teaching, Tigre, yoga with michelle, acupuncture, Purmamarca, cupcakes.

Things I Dislike: Flight delays, beets, anything Louis XVI, contact lenses, tiny elevators, flat shoes, long car rides, George Bush, smoke, Cyrilic, cold weather, psycho killers, people who don’t say what they mean, mosquito bites, narcisisists, bikers, wearing matching earrings, racists, flossing, Eastern European food, fundamentalists, eating insects, yelling, unsafe drinking water, liars, chanting, acid reflux, getting up early, hash tags, lines at Passport control, germs, violence, blisters, small coffee cups, hives, airport in Yangon, Burma, watermelon, gold leaf.

Things I Like: Lithuanian black bread, outdoor markets, guacamole, shiatsu, vintage clothing, sake, the smell of the sea, meditation, Rodriguez, ethnic bracelets, skiing, watching the food channel on the treadmill, ancient ruins, chewing coca leaves, beaches, ceviche, Cappadocia, forgetting my camera, reading, Berlin art galleries, Tilcara, foreign films, Naxos, pizza, pizza in Munich, graffiti art, documentary films, 826, walking everywhere , Italian, black and white photographs, hotel business centers in foreign countries, ballet, Machu Picchu, intelligence, bouzouki places, quotes, vintage bowling balls, ripped jeans ,sales in any language, green juice.

Things I Dislike: not knowing what the rules are, public speaking, suicide, the Kardashians, packing, exercise, caves, driving, camping out, anchovies, long and windy roads, blood tests, small planes, selfish people, archaological museums, pitbulls, backpacks, people who say they are spiritual, eating alone in a restaurant, swimming, Chinese music, stupidity, atomic bombs, moving, neat freaks, traffic, pretenses, bells, ear wax, things you have to declare, bullies, eating guinea pigs, texting, onions, getting dressed up, freeways, whipped cream, perfume, garages, divorce, haggis, air pollution, brown apartments.

Things I Like: Panama Canal. green m and m chocolate covered pistachio nuts, Saatchi Gallery, fugu, Grouplove, islands, hot dogs, tatoos, every day in Turkey, Thai massage, Spanish lattes, Superbowl, Greek alphabet, napping with my dog, green tea donuts, skiing, ferries, sea glass, high ceilings, walking, leather jackets, take away food, thumb rings, Santorini, graffiti art, quotes, Apple school, Naoshima, Starbucks mugs from foreign countries, 100% cotton, Once Upon A Winter’s Night A Traveler, airports, white walls, seekers, Egyptian magic, warm socks, taxis, beaches, hamburgers, lists.

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  1. Hi Jayne, Good stuff – a bit disappointed that Ernie didn’t make your “like” list …. He likes you, as do I, a lot! Harv

    • That is bcuz I love Ernie you did make it on a future blog. 🙂 I’m in the jungle looking for mosquito repellent

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