Traveler’s Block

Traveler’s Block

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”
Charles Bukowski

Today I have nothing.

I have written about packing and not packing, carry on luggage, check in luggage, travel clothes, travel companions,  souvenirs, my bracelet collection, my Starbucks collection, my good luck charms, LA – where I live, Manhattan and Brooklyn where I am from, places I love, places I hate, my mother, my dog, people who have died, animals that have been killed, airports, airplanes, stewardesses, airport security, things I’ve learned from traveling and not traveling, hotel rooms and things Ive left behind in them, travel addiction, people who think they are black, superstitions, proverbs and quotes from around the world, movies, books, children’s books and songs that have inspired me to travel, food, restaurants, turkey burgers, acting like a tourist, not acting like a tourist, tourist traps, tourist attractions, holidays, traveling alone,eating alone, random photos, being a godmother, travel etiquette, third world countries, countries that have changed names, countries not to travel to, misspelled countries, auto-correct, photography, art, urban art, music, world affairs terrorists and should you blame your parents if you are one,  philosophy, spirituality, religion, prejudice, meditation, things to say and not say to a world traveler, places I haven’t been to, bucket lists, top ten everything, travel problems, imaginary places, movie locations, trip planning, weddings, World Cup, Olympics, first world problems, blogging, Nellie Bly, touching strangers, things i like, things I dislike, the 100th monkey, coffee, sunrises, how to avoid the paparazzi, travel tv shows and people in the world.

I don’t know why they call it writer’s block. I have idea block. I could start reblogging pieces, post other writers, post more instagram photos, read more books and think about writing. I could hope that this is only a temporary setback, go out and do something and then write about it – like move to Spain, go to a wedding in Africa or perhaps the new Broad Museum in LA.

Fly safe,

If Your Bum Tickles It Means That You Will Soon Eat Pie and Other Superstitions From Around The World

If Your Bum Tickles It Means That You Will  Soon Eat Pie and Other Superstitions From Around The World

“If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” Groucho Marx

Humans have always tried to explain the unknown and allay their fears. Most superstitions are based on old explanations of how things might work if we actually had control over our universe. Fear, ignorance and superstition can be very dangerous. I thought I would share some of the more milder superstitions – the kind that my grandmother brought with her from the old country.

My own personal ones include not walking under a ladder, not stepping over someone because they won’t grow (I was very short till I was about 14 so I was adamant about that one) and wearing a red bracelet or evil eye on a plane for luck. I do get queasy when a black cat crosses my path.

Clipping toenails or fingernails at night is bad luck. China

Never hand some one a knife. Set it down and let them pick it up, or else you will get into a fight with that person. Greece

It is lucky to hear a cat sneezing. Italy

If you whistle or play a flute at night, snakes will come to you. Japan

If you  spill wine on the table, it brings happiness to the whole house. Portugal

if someone passes a broom over your feet, you will never get married. For that reason, you can see many single women getting out of the way of people who are sweeping. Venezuela

If you stand between two people whose names are the same, you should wish for something because your wish will come true. Turkey

If you always put the sugar in the cup before the coffee, you’ll become rich.

If a single woman sits at a table in the corner, she won’t be married. Kyrgyzstan

When you move to a new house, make sure you do so on a rainy day, because it will bring you wealth. Iceland

Don’t present your mate with a pair of shoes. If you do, your boyfriend or girlfriend will leave you. Korea

If you find money, even if it’s just one cent, you’ll receive more money. If you are walking in the street and you see money, you always have to pick it up. Argentina

If you stand up and your chair falls over, you’re in for bad luck. Ireland

Hearing a cricket brings good luck. Spain

Leaving your keys on a table is bad luck. Sweden

On the first day of the month, if you say “white rabbit”, the entire month will be lucky for you. England

 Putting a loaf of bread upside down on the table, is considered bad luck. France

if your bum tickles it means that you will  soon eat pie. Belgium

It is unlucky to enter the house with the left foot forward. Austria

A broken dish brings good luck. Netherlands

If you make jokes when eating, a ghost will steal your rice, Thailand

Killing spiders is considered to bring bad luck. Whenever you see one making itself comfortable in your own house, you are supposed to take it and set it free in nature. Slovakia

If your right palm itches you’re going to spend money, but if your left palm itches you’re going to receive some money. Ukraine

One of the unluckiest things you can do, is walk between two old ladies on the road. Germany

Putting gloves on a table will bring misfortune. Latvia

If you spill your coffee it means you will receive money from somewhere. Romania.

If a bird shits on you, or if you accidentally step in shit (any old shit will do) – you’ll be (filthy) rich!  Lithuania

If a woman puts her handbag on the floor, she will have no money. Poland

Throwing a shoe over your shoulder brings luck, though not for the person who might be standing behind you. Czech Republic

Fly safe,