Traveler’s Block

Traveler’s Block

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”
Charles Bukowski

Today I have nothing.

I have written about packing and not packing, carry on luggage, check in luggage, travel clothes, travel companions,  souvenirs, my bracelet collection, my Starbucks collection, my good luck charms, LA – where I live, Manhattan and Brooklyn where I am from, places I love, places I hate, my mother, my dog, people who have died, animals that have been killed, airports, airplanes, stewardesses, airport security, things I’ve learned from traveling and not traveling, hotel rooms and things Ive left behind in them, travel addiction, people who think they are black, superstitions, proverbs and quotes from around the world, movies, books, children’s books and songs that have inspired me to travel, food, restaurants, turkey burgers, acting like a tourist, not acting like a tourist, tourist traps, tourist attractions, holidays, traveling alone,eating alone, random photos, being a godmother, travel etiquette, third world countries, countries that have changed names, countries not to travel to, misspelled countries, auto-correct, photography, art, urban art, music, world affairs terrorists and should you blame your parents if you are one,  philosophy, spirituality, religion, prejudice, meditation, things to say and not say to a world traveler, places I haven’t been to, bucket lists, top ten everything, travel problems, imaginary places, movie locations, trip planning, weddings, World Cup, Olympics, first world problems, blogging, Nellie Bly, touching strangers, things i like, things I dislike, the 100th monkey, coffee, sunrises, how to avoid the paparazzi, travel tv shows and people in the world.

I don’t know why they call it writer’s block. I have idea block. I could start reblogging pieces, post other writers, post more instagram photos, read more books and think about writing. I could hope that this is only a temporary setback, go out and do something and then write about it – like move to Spain, go to a wedding in Africa or perhaps the new Broad Museum in LA.

Fly safe,

3 thoughts on “Traveler’s Block

  1. You could write about airports and the TSA and stuff like that, if you don¹t mind going a bit negative. I don¹t see how you could do it without delving into the dark side of modern travel. I was just in northern Cal. ever so briefly, came in through Orlando, where my baggage came up positive for some substance relating to either drugs or explosives, they wouldn¹t tell me which, and I was invited to visit the little room where they explain very politely and professionally how they are going to rub you all over and then swab you here and there and test the swabs again and finally, half an hour later, tell you you came up negative second time around, are free to go (the word sorry never uttered) and perhaps most disorienting and annoying of all, they eject you out of a rear door into the concourse so you don’t know where the hell you are and have to find your own way to the next TSA line, where you do the whole security line shuffle again only to find that you don¹t have the boarding pass you need, so back to square one sir, yes I¹ll let you back in at the head of the line if I¹m still here, but my shift ends in seven minutes, so good luck have a nice day, hope you make your connectionŠ

    So I still like being in other parts of the planet, but getting there is hell.

    Peter Frost P.O. Box 629 Cusco PERU Tel/Fax (51-84) 24-1666

    From: “Travel Well, Fly Safe” Reply-To: “Travel Well, Fly Safe” Date: Saturday, January 16, 2016 at 2:13 PM To: Peter Frost Subject: [New post] Traveler¹s Block jaynezak posted: “Traveler’s Block ³Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all² Charles Bukowski Today I have nothing. I have written about packing and not packing, carry on luggage, check in luggage, travel clothes, travel companions, souv”

    • i just couldn’t write that as well as you have. i have written about what you cannot bring through security but maybe i should collect people’s security experiences starting with yours 🙂 thanks

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