Foods I Ate In A Day On A Road Trip Through New Zealand

Foods I Ate In A Day On A Road Trip Through New Zealand

“On the road again. Goin’ places that I’ve never been. Seein’ things that I may never see again. And I can’t wait to get on the road again” Willie Nelson

When it comes to eating healthy on a road trip through New Zealand, the struggle is real. Most people look for food that’s quick and convenient when traveling. There is typically neither time or patience on your side. You have to make do with the options available in the time and space you’re given. Unfortunately, New Zealand doesn’t cater to healthy fast food though gluten-free has come to even the smallest town. 

Breakfast. Breakfast is usually included in many hotels outside of the United States and often served buffet style. Ours ranged from light to full breakfast. I tried to fill up at breakfast eating scrambled eggs (often greasy and not that warm), yogurt (some flavor in a container), fruit, coffee, tomatoes and avocado if available. I  would take apples or bananas if I saw them for the road.

Morning Stop New Zealand makes great coffee so there was always an interesting coffee shop wherever we stopped. Sometimes the coffee was more interesting than other times.


If I was already car sick, I would have a donut or scone. New Zealand food is very influenced by the UK. Carbs, diet coke and sweet hard candy help me with carsickness.


I drink a lot of water and I am happy to say that I saved money because New Zealand has the best tap water. I just refilled my bottle where ever we stopped.

Snacks  There is something about being on a road trip that makes you want to eat the kinds of foods that you would never eat at home. Orange cheese chips (called Twisties), Burger Rings (chips that taste like a burger?) and unidentified dried meat in a package look appealing – especially when you are in another country with different snacks.

I bought almonds, walnuts and kiwi fruit. I  bring vitamin C bars, gum, hard candy and Jelly Bellys from home.


Lunch   We always stopped somewhere that had shopping or photo ops so I wanted to eat fast and not spend the time sitting. Every roadside restaurant serves quiche and mince and cheese pies. Pies are a staple of the New Zealand diet and everyone is eating them.


Pre made sandwiches seemed to be the healthiest quick option most of the time.  Ham and cheese on white bread with lots of butter – sometimes toasted was my usual lunch. One day somewhere on South Island, I went to a bakery that had sandwiches. I saw a loaf of wheat bread. I asked for ham and cheese on wheat bread without butter. They said that they only made the ham and cheese on white bread.  It was my Jack Nicholson Five Easy Pieces moment.

“You have wheat bread. You have ham and you have cheese.”

“Yes, but we only make the sandwiches on white”, said the girl behind the counter.

“Well, I’d like a loaf of wheat bread – throw it away except for two pieces and I will have the ham and cheese on wheat, hold the butter.”

She said that she would speak to her manager.  She did not look happy but returned with my request and only charged me for the sandwich – best sandwich of the road.

Afternoon stop.  I was usually sleeping after my sandwich and needed a good New Zealand  coffee and something sweet. Hopefully, it would be a banana. Sometimes it was chocolate covered kiwi fruit, Pineapple Lumps( chocolate covered pineapple marshmallowy thing), chocolate covered marshmallow fish, Jaffa (chocolate covered in red hard candy), ice cream or yogurt blended with fruit, pie or Anzac biscuits (oatmeal biscuits from WWll).


Dinner On long driving days, dinner was tricky. I wasn’t always hungry. Sometimes I would have a proper New Zealand dinner. I loved those green lipped mussels and fresh salmon -or a Maori Hangi – (could be chicken fish, pork, lamb potato, cabbage  and root vegetable such as kumara) cooked in the steam in the ground.


 Other times dinners were Egg McMuffin, wine and cheese, protein bars, fruit and yogurt,  Fergburger or pizza.


The thing about a road trip is that the same exact eating starts all over the next day.

Fly safe


Foods Not To Eat In Public

Foods Not To Eat In Public

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Julia Child

Imagine your fingers dripping in sauce, your mouth opening extra wide to swallow some big bite of something before it falls on the floor, your teeth covered in bits of green and yellow, and you will know what others see when you eat these foods.

This list can also be used for foods not to eat with braces or foods not to eat on a date.

Corn On The Cob. Avoid food that requires you to slide your face across a buttered surface and is guaranteed to lodge kernels so deep in your teeth that even power tools won’t help you.

There is no neat way to eat a taco.

Ribs. Barbecue sauce is the most delicious thing ever. it is just not attractive on your face, your hands, in your nails, and on your hair which is where it will probably be. Any food that comes with a moist towelette should not be eaten where people have to watch.

Ramen. While slurping soup is considered good manners in some countries, it is not done in the USA where I live.  You will have to either slurp or bite the noodles and watch the rest fall out of your mouth.

Lobster or crab. Any food that comes with more than one type of utensil and a bib is a guaranteed disaster. Does anyone really want to see you tearing apart a sea creature with your bare hands?

Cooked spinach. No matter how neat or cool you think you are, every time you eat cooked spinach it will always get all over your teeth. If you must eat it in public, try the raw.

Burgers with everything / meatball heroes. Avoid any sandwich with meat, cheese and sauce oozing out of it. No one wants to watch you eat food that requires thousands of napkins.

Powdered donuts. It is a lose – lose situation. Nothing with ruin your outfit or make you look more like a crackhead than white powdered sugar.

Messy foods are best eaten with close friends and loved ones only. We started life as messy eaters and we may end up that way.  In the time between, have fun with messy foods because they bring us together with fun nights, relaxed expectations and much laughter.

Fly safe,