Things I Have Left In Hotel Rooms

Things I have Left in Hotel Rooms

“But at times I wondered if I had not come a long way to find what I had really sought was something I had left behind.”   Thomas West

iPod Nano – Panama City, Panama (It was replaced  with the largest iPod available)

Shoe – Canal Zone, Panama (I got it back on the last day)

Hairbrush – Lima Peru (yes its true, no hair brushing for me in Peru)

Toothbrush –  Prague , Czech Republic ( I bought one)

Toothbrush –  Vilnius, Lithuania

Razor –  Riga, Latvia (got one)

Passport – St Petersburg, Russia (I had to go back)

Phone  – Cappadocia, Turkey (They found it but it was the biggest holiday in Turkey and no one was working to bring it to Istanbul)

Phone charger  (most recent) – Edinburgh, Scotland and many other places throughout the years ( a hotel manager once showed me a box of the phone chargers they had collected that week)

Plug of country  –  I leave them in the outlet in every country.

New unworn silk scarf from Thailand – Washington,  DC. (An expensive one – I have all the cheap stuff)

Favorite Blue Sweater – Las Vegas, Nevada (What you leave in Vegas stays in Vegas  – sorry I couldn’t help myself)

Sweatpants, two shirts ,evil eye necklaces – Istanbul, Turkey

Apparently, the most common thing left behind after phone chargers is jewelry.  This is followed by money, false teeth, retainers , clothing, medicine, books, laptops,  iPads and wigs.  Sex toys are another popular item which no one ever calls to claim. Grand Hotel Principe Piemonte hotel near Pisa once found a dog in one of their rooms, with little explanation or requests to return it to their owners. The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque hotel in Tenerife  found a caged cockatoo in a room. The owners  asked for it to be flown back to them in a private jet. Travel Lodge (the UK budget chain) found 75,000 teddy bears in their five hundred hotels in a year. In Australia, a woman checked out leaving her boyfriend handcuffed to the bed post.  At the Novotel in Fiji, a couple left their baby. Neither the parents nor the baby seemed agitated or surprised when they were reunited.

What have you lost when traveling?

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