Annoying Things About Travel That I Miss


Annoying Things About Travel That I Miss

“People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it.” Clarissa Wild

Traveling the world is not as easy as it looks. It is not always luxurious and it doesn’t always make you a better person. Social media puts a lot of pressure on you to make it look effortless and fun at all times. It is still the best part of my life and I miss everything about it. I even miss all the annoying things. Here are some of them.

Packing. Packing cubes, Packing lists and packing sox in my shoes.

Miniature bottles that sometimes leak.

The Journey  Are we there yet? Especially not so easy to get to destinations.

One Night Hotel Stay. It is a connection thing. I arrive too late and leave too early to see anything. Whatever I need no matter how I plan, is usually on the bottom of my suitcase. 

Airport Hotels that are not attached to the airport. This always includes traffic. 

Long Layovers.

Flight Delays. In some countries, there are no explanations and no one seems surprised or aggravated that the plane is late. Planes leave when they leave. Hakuna Matata is a real thing.

Airport Security  Because I have to travel with too many health related liquids and a doctors note-I am often treated like a terrorist and have almost missed my plane a few times.

Airplane Restrooms Whoever designed the interior of a plane clearly forgot to include a restroom and threw it in at the last minute.

Walking down the steps from a plane that has landed on the tarmac.Its super hot, super freezing, raining or snowing and the right clothes are in your checked luggage. Also my carry on is very heavy. 

Arrival Jet Lag. I suck it up and power through. I can sleep when I am home.

 Bad Weather – especially animals lining up in pairs rainstorms. 

Cruise Ships in the  summer emptying thousands of people into a small destination at the same time.

Getting Lost. You would think  that with all the hand held GPS  navigation and my love of asking directions and hand motions, this wouldn’t be on my list but it still is. 

Unsafe Drinking Water. After seeing “Slumdog Millionaire” I now have to worry about fake sealed bottles of water and make sure to drink a reputable local brand.

Sleeping under a mosquito net. A mosquito net means that you are sleeping near a lot of bugs and very far away from home.  Worse  than that, is lying in bed in the night and finding a hole in your mosquito net. 

Adventurous street crossings. There are many cities where people ignore lights or they do not have them. Only the confident survive. Make your move and keep going. 

Dirty Travel Clothes by the last week of my trip. 

I miss it all.

Fly safe,


Things That I Would Like To Find In A Hotel Room


Things That I Would Like To Find In A Hotel Room

“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”
George Bernard Shaw

I love hotels. Beds get made by themselves. Bathrooms are clean and shiny. The mission of a hotel is to make sure you feel so good that you will want to come back. Here is a list of what I would like to find in every hotel room.

Unlimited free bottled water.

Green tea and chamomile tea bags.

Unscented shampoo and soap.

Room temperature controls that are easy to understand.

More electrical sockets to plug stuff into.

Windows that open.

An iron and an ironing board.

Bath drains, shower handles and coffee makers that don”t require a phone call to reception to figure out.

Extra large soft bath towels.

Safes that work.

Comfortable bed with clean sheets and fluffy pillows.

Q tips ( i always forget to bring some)

Interesting room service menu. I  love anything served on a trolley that i can eat in my sweatpants.

Fly safe,

Things I Have Left In Hotel Rooms

Things I have Left in Hotel Rooms

“But at times I wondered if I had not come a long way to find what I had really sought was something I had left behind.”   Thomas West

iPod Nano – Panama City, Panama (It was replaced  with the largest iPod available)

Shoe – Canal Zone, Panama (I got it back on the last day)

Hairbrush – Lima Peru (yes its true, no hair brushing for me in Peru)

Toothbrush –  Prague , Czech Republic ( I bought one)

Toothbrush –  Vilnius, Lithuania

Razor –  Riga, Latvia (got one)

Passport – St Petersburg, Russia (I had to go back)

Phone  – Cappadocia, Turkey (They found it but it was the biggest holiday in Turkey and no one was working to bring it to Istanbul)

Phone charger  (most recent) – Edinburgh, Scotland and many other places throughout the years ( a hotel manager once showed me a box of the phone chargers they had collected that week)

Plug of country  –  I leave them in the outlet in every country.

New unworn silk scarf from Thailand – Washington,  DC. (An expensive one – I have all the cheap stuff)

Favorite Blue Sweater – Las Vegas, Nevada (What you leave in Vegas stays in Vegas  – sorry I couldn’t help myself)

Sweatpants, two shirts ,evil eye necklaces – Istanbul, Turkey

Apparently, the most common thing left behind after phone chargers is jewelry.  This is followed by money, false teeth, retainers , clothing, medicine, books, laptops,  iPads and wigs.  Sex toys are another popular item which no one ever calls to claim. Grand Hotel Principe Piemonte hotel near Pisa once found a dog in one of their rooms, with little explanation or requests to return it to their owners. The Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque hotel in Tenerife  found a caged cockatoo in a room. The owners  asked for it to be flown back to them in a private jet. Travel Lodge (the UK budget chain) found 75,000 teddy bears in their five hundred hotels in a year. In Australia, a woman checked out leaving her boyfriend handcuffed to the bed post.  At the Novotel in Fiji, a couple left their baby. Neither the parents nor the baby seemed agitated or surprised when they were reunited.

What have you lost when traveling?

Fly Safe,