New Normal

 New Normal

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” Camille Pissarro

No one would describe me as a corona virus optimist, though I do think about traveling next summer. I don’t see face masks, face time or zoom going away any time soon. I hear terms like the great reset for what to do with your life now.  There is no part of our lives that will remain untouched from this virus and quarantine.

There were so many things we took for granted or simply did not notice. Experiences I have when traveling, like drinking a cup of coffee, have never felt the same at home. For the past year we have slowed down. Many of us are no longer on the move. I appreciate being able to do simple things now that i used to take for granted. Here are the first ten things I have done since getting the vaccine that did not seem noteworthy until I couldn’t do them anymore. 

I made a non emergency dentist appointment. I no longer have to be scared of the elevator which is always filled to capacity. 

I had lunch at a friend’s  house inside. We were supposed to meet at the park but it was raining. There was no parking so I ended up nervously using her valet parking. I am terrible at parking so valet is something I miss a lot. We had really bad  takeout food.  It didn’t matter  because we were so happy to do something normal. 

 Friends and family have come over for lunch and a beach walk. – mostly outside but the weather has been cold  so they came in. 

I went for a walk on the Venice Canals with a friend. (I’ve avoided them because the sidewalks are narrow and people around here don’t wear masks). We walked to my favorite Cha Cha Matcha which luckily is still there (as opposed to many other businesses on the street that are gone). I had my first drink in a plastic cup that I did not make myself in almost a year.

We had a birthday lunch and movie for my six year old goddaughter.

 Acupuncture is something I do on a weekly basis  and have not done in a year. !!!!!!! I realize I don’t  need to do it so much but it was great to finally be able to go. 

i had my first outdoor  restaurant lunch at one of my favorite sushi places – Yumi.  I tried to support them during the pandemic and did takeout whenever I could. They were also the last restaurant I went to before the shutdown.

Beauty day – manicure, pedicure, waxing, eyebrows, hair color and blowout. 

I got a new car. I did not feel comfortable to test drive or go around to different places. I hope I like it. 

We are going to a hotel in Santa Barbara for the BF’s birthday next week. It will be dinner not cooked by him  in a restaurant without sweat pants or jeans, massages, and walks on a different beach. We had to cancel the big birthday trip at the beginning of the shut down so this feels hopeful. 

Are you also appreciating the normal things in your life that you used  to take  for granted?

 Stay safe,