Ten Reasons To Go To Southeast Asia

Ten Reasons To Go To Southeast Asia

“What we think, we become.”- Buddha

  1. Angkor Wat –the largest temple in the world is a big bucket list item for me.
  2. Best quality fakes.
  3. I like seeing monks walking around and not just at temples – at the airport, on their cell phones, shopping, in the mall, on public transportation etc.
  4. Street Food. I wish that I was as adventurous as my food hero Anthony Bourdain, but if it’s cooked, or has a thick skin like mangos and someone else eats it first, I will try it.
  5. I like condensed milk in my coffee.
  6. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in Southeast Asia, and since the beach season never ends, you can live in a state of perpetual summer (like Los Angeles where I’m from)
  7. Chaos – crowded cities with motorbikes and skyscrapers.  Contrasts – people working in triangle hats in green rice paddies.
  8. Amazing Asian photo opportunities for my new Asian camera.
  9. Culture and History – different Eastern traditions, lifestyles, fashion, beliefs , languages, ancient temples, the Vietnam War and the terror of the Khmer Rouge.
  10. Buddhism was recently voted the best religion in the world International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) Joanna Hult, Director of Research for ICARUS said “It wasn’t a surprise to me that Buddhism won Best Religion in the World, because we could find literally not one single instance of a war fought in the name of Buddhism, in contrast to every other religion that seems to keep a gun in the closet just in case God makes a mistake’” I love Buddhist countries. The best part of the story is they can’t find a Buddhist to accept the award because “The Buddhist nature is in everyone.”


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9 thoughts on “Ten Reasons To Go To Southeast Asia

  1. I’m also looking at a January trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. For those of us that are time challenged, and less talented/experienced at planning than you are, do you think National Geographic’s “adventure” tours are an OK way to see Southeast Asia for the first time?

    • Yes, it looked good to me as well. I’d like to search Geox, but a Google Search sends me to a clothing store… (IE – Clothing company – Geox is an Italian brand of shoe and clothing manufactured with waterproof/breathable fabrics.) More info. if possible?

    • Got it now, thanks. WOW! They look amazing … probaly one or the other since you recc. both – THANKS

  2. Hey Jayne, Just getting around to the Ten Reasons To Go To Southeast Asia !! Loved this Blog. Wish I had the money to travel. I would certainly have to go to Asia. So many countries there intrigue me. I feel that my past lives are centered there for some reason. Maybe if I win the Lottery I will finally make it. Till then I will live these dreams vicariously through you and your great blogs….

    Your Fan and Friend


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