Everything The Internet Now Knows About Me From My Travel Blog

Everything The Internet Now Knows About Me From My Travel Blog

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends… The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy

What countries I have been to.

Countries I like. Countries I hate.

Countries that I’m afraid to travel to.

Places on my bucket list.

The coffee addiction.

My screen name. My website.

Where I live.

My dog’s travel anxiety. My travel anxiety.

Where I grew up.

My spiritual views. My religious views.

My racial views.

My meditation obstacles.

That i have kids.

My camera skills.

Mistakes I’ve made.

My favorite quotations.

That I like art. My favorite graffiti art.

My computer skills or lack of.

My social media challenges.

That I’ve faced challenges.

Languages I speak.

My favorite band. My favorite music.

How I pack.

My favorite TV shows My favorite movies.

My favorite documentary movies.

My favorite foreign movies.

That I get car sick.

That I’m afraid on small planes.

My favorite books. My favorite authors.

My favorite restaurants. My favorite foods.

My favorite interests and activities.

My favorite countries to eat in.

My perfect travel days.

How many times I post a blog in a week. How many people read my blog.


What I look like in a hat and sunglasses.


Fly safe,








9 thoughts on “Everything The Internet Now Knows About Me From My Travel Blog

  1. I sooo love this blog today!!! Very I telligence and inciteful!! Sooo true, once you start traveling you have the bug in you!! Enjoy and keep us traveling thru ur eyes!!
    Love it!! Thank you!!

  2. Other things the ubiquitous “Great Digital Cloud in the Sky” knows, stores, and uses to analyze, market and sell things to you and your friends, include:
    *Credit Card numbers & passwords (minimally protected)
    *Where you buy things
    *How much you spend, and on what items
    *What time of day you make purchases, and in what zip codes
    *What web sites you visit (been to AlJezeera.com lately?)
    *What phone numbers you have called/texted, and who has called/texted you
    *And much, much more…
    Ahhh…what a wild “connected” world we’ve created for ourselves.
    Sometimes I wish we could go back to traveling by horse, buggy, foot and sailboat, and communicating by voice, letters, and smoke signals.
    And the wildest thing is that we’ve given permission for all this intel to be done on us via the T&A on every website and app. we’ve clicked “yes” on without bothering to read.
    Sorry to be the Saturday morning reality downer, but now I’m headed out for a bike ride and an ocean swim, and I think I’ll leave my GPS tracker off today!

  3. Welcome! It’s the love/hate relationships with all of the technology that promised to make our lives simpler, easier and provide far more leisure time to do things like … TRAVEL! Thanks for continuing to be an inspiring thought provoker.

  4. 🙂 Do you happen to have any fb friends who like to travel and would like my travelwellflysafe page? Im having trouble with that. Thanks in advance.

    • You might consider using the FB “promote page” function and spending a few $ on it as a test. You can target the demographic you “promote” to by age, sex, interests, etc. (since the “internet” knows all those details about us, might as well use it for your Jax biz.) If it gets you more “Likes” then spend a bit more $ to build your FB audience.

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