Ten Of The Most Friendly Countries In the World


Ten Of The Most Friendly Countries In The World.

“People need to realize that we all share the same spirit that comes from God and from the earth.”Nganyintja

Even the most patriotic person might look at the chaos in our country and think – Why do I live here? Perhaps it is the inept politicians who tweet that are getting you down. If you decide to go anywhere else, where will you go? The world is a big place. I’ve composed a list of the most friendly and welcoming countries in the world. The research was interesting because every list that I looked at was different. Some were based on personal experience. I compiled a few and added in my own bias as well.

10. Sri Lankans are friendly, courteous and hospitable. They will come up to you at a tourist site, not to sell you something but to engage in a conversation. They are genuinely interested in how you like their country. Strangers will offer you food on a bus and wish you well on your journey. Everyone who visits Sri Lanka remembers the kindness of the people.

9. The Philippines came in consistently on top ten lists. Filipinos are friendly and spiritual. They try not to let the calamities and trials of life deter them. Everyone smiles and many people will talk to you. They are welcoming, curious and respectful.

8. Those clichés about Thailand being the “land of smiles” have a strong basis in truth They’re always happy, always smiling, extremely polite, and always helpful. Thais rarely steal or cause any problems. They have amazing memories — once a friend, always a friend.

7. According to WIN-Gallup 89% of Fijians report they are happy, making Fiji one of the happiest countries in the world. When you get off the plane in Fiji everyone is genuinely happy as they extend their greetings. Fijian people are dedicated to having meaningful interactions with their community, which leads to a strong influence on how they interact with those outside of their community as well. They are hospitable, approachable and will make a connection with anyone they come in contact with.

6. On the whole, the people in America are welcoming, sociable, good-natured, and polite. Our reputation is that we sue and shoot each other a lot and are xenophobic so the friendliness is unexpected.

5. Icelanders are very friendly and easy going.There is little violent crime in Iceland so they don’t have to be afraid of people they do not know. They are open-minded with little or no prejudice and love learning about different cultures and practicing their English.

4. Canadians are happier, live longer and have less financial inequality than most of the world. Murder rates in Canada  are very low. They have less on their mind when you run into them which apparently makes them friendly and welcoming. Canadians are polite, humble and nice. They are a small group of people living on a lot of land. Canadians have learned that to survive they have to watch out for one another.

3. In Ireland, the people are engaging, polite, and genuinely interested in others. Ask someone for directions and don’t be surprised if they take you there themselves. They are proud to call this place home. More importantly, they want this to feel like home to you. The Irish people are the underdogs and don’t take life too seriously. They understand that it’s the small things and the people who matter.

2. Australians are known for having a casual attitude to life. They tend to look at the lighter side in difficult situations. Australian are incredibly friendly and fun. The men are good-looking with an adorable accent. The girls and gorgeous.So are the beaches. The pace of life is generally a lot slower here than in many other countries.  The standard of living in Australia is high by world standards so most people don’t have the daily pressure of survival to contend with. It’s amazing the difference those two factors have on people’s outlook on life.

1.New Zealand is rated as the world’s friendliest country on a lot of lists. It is definitely far enough from the rest of the world to be uninvolved in international stress. They have quality government programs and an emphasis on family outdoor activities. It is ridiculously beautiful and has great coffee as well. New Zealanders are laid back, welcoming and friendly.

Other friendly country include Uganda, Senegal, Turkey, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Viet Nam and Nepal.


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The Least Visited Countries In The World That You Don’t Have To Be Afraid To Go To

The Least Visited Countries In The World That You Don’t Have To Be Afraid To Go To.

“In any case, a little danger is a small price to pay for ridding a place of tourists.” Tahir Shah

They are not on the US list of dangerous countries. However, going to remote places may involve risk. Always check the political situation right before you go. Check local blogs, websites and listen to the news. Make sure you have your visas and allow plenty of time to get them if necessary. Get travel insurance.There is much more risk about health in locations where it could take days to get out. Take vaccinations, malaria pills if needed and stay current on outbreaks of disease in the location you are traveling to. Find out what if any telecommunications work in the destination you are going to. Keep you family informed of your whereabouts and who to contact if they haven’t heard from you in a certain period of time. If you still want to go, be flexible and have fun.  (not my photos)

Dominica – This beautiful country in  the Caribbean has two airports that cannot take anything larger that a commercial prop plane so unless you have a private jet it is a bit of a problem. Volcanoes, flora, fauna, and hot springs make it a beautiful destination.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.49.13 AM

Liechtenstein is landlocked between Switzerland and Austria. There is not an airport but they do have a heliport for those who need to get in and out on business to use their secretive bank system and take advantage of low corporate taxes. There are beautiful mountains and excellent skiing and hiking in this tiny country.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 1.10.29 AM

Tonga has some of the most beautiful beaches. It is one of the last monarchies in the world. If you go during a festival, there will be barbecues, drinking and dancing. They have an airport with a hard name to pronounce.

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Solomon Islands – Tropical flowers, beaches, rain forests, lagoons, waterfalls, great diving, surfing and a good fresh fish market are some of the things you can find on the Solomon Islands. The Battle of Guadalcanal was fought here during World War ll. The country consists of over 900 islands. Remember to take malaria pills. It isn’t low risk.

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Kiribati is a paradise in the Pacific that no one has heard of. There is a flight every two weeks from the Marshall Islands and Fiji.

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Tuvalu is another country in the Pacific that no one knows. A propeller plane (my least favorite way to travel), flys from Fiji twice a week. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and no tourists make it a quiet place to go. It is the world’s least visited country and the first to go when global warming takes over. No credit cards makes it tough. Bring Australian dollars.

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Sao Tome and Principe doesn’t have as many problems as most African countries do. There are direct flights from Lisbon which is good because I have not been there yet either. The country has great diving, volcanoes, cool rock formations, snorkeling, jungle trekking and cute fishing villages.

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So if you are up for that unique trip, go where few men have gone before you………
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