March For Our Lives


March for Our Lives

“It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.” Frank Warren

The faces and organizers of March For Our Lives were almost all under nineteen years old. They were able to get 800,000 people on and off of Washington D.C.’s Pennsylvania Avenue in three hours. They attracted A-list celebrities. They turned out marchers at more than 800 satellite events held around the world.

Gun violence disproportionately affects people of color. Their death rate is ten times higher than among white children. I marched in the westside neighborhood of Santa Monica, California. Thousands turned out to protest for serious gun control reform. Most of them were white middle class to wealthy people. It is true that some of us had been silent when it affected children of color in neighborhoods far away from ours. But many of us have never been silent when it came to stricter gun control laws. Today, no one who cares for the future of children, can afford to be silent.

Chants of Never Again and NRA Has Got To Go echoed down Montana Avenue. I don’t think anyone expected the huge turnout that showed up. The organizers had not been able to get permission to close the street but the large number of marchers just took it over. The big rally was downtown.

There were so many small children, elementary and high school students. It is their generation that has to go through the fear of school shootings and have lockdown drills. Parents, adults and seniors marched in support of the kids. We did not fight hard enough for stricter gun control laws and trusted the system. We let them down. Now students feel that they have to try to change it themselves.

A young girl carrying a sign that said Am I next? said to me, “I think it is bad killing anyone, but especially the kids.”

It is clear from these demonstrations that most of the American population are at the point where we want serious gun control laws with extensive background checks. We child proof our medicine bottles, baby proof our cabinets, have mandatory car seats for kids and seat belts. Our goal has always been to eliminate as many potential dangers from children as possible. Gun control doesn’t hurt our freedom. It protects our children.


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Ten Reasons Why We Need Strong Gun Control Laws In The U.S.

Ten Reasons Why We Need  Strong Gun Control Laws In The U.S.

“Every day in America is a day with a shooting.” Bill Maher

Orlando, Florida

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San Bernadino, California

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Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Newtown, Connecticut

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Roseburg, Oregon

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Charleston, South Carolina

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Santa Monica ,California

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Aurora, Colorado

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Tuscon, Arizona

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Blacksburg, Virginia

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Killeen,Texas   San Ysidro, California,    Austin, Texas,    Littleton, Colorado    (Columbine),    Edmond, Oklahoma,    Fort Hood, Texas,    Washington DC, Chattanooga, Tennessee,    Isla Vista, California,    Brookfield, Wisconsin,    Minneapolis, Minnesota,    Oak Creek, Wisconsin,    Oakland, California,    Seal Beach, California,    Manchester, Connecticut,    Huntsville, Alabama,    Binghampton, New York,    DeKalb, Illinois,    Omaha, Nebraska,    Salt Lake City, Utah,    Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania,    Goleta, California,    Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota, Meridian, Mississippi,    Santee, California,    Wakefield, Massachusetts,    Honolulu, Hawaii,    Forth Worth, Texas,    Atlanta, Georgia,    Jonesboro, Arkansas,    Garden City, New York,    San Francisco, California,    Iowa City, Iowa,    Jacksonville, Florida,    Stockton, California 

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