After The Virus Is Over With A Little HELP From My Friends

After The Virus Is Over With A Little HELP From My Friends

“The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits.” Albert Camus, The Plague

What are the habits, behaviors and routines you will keep doing after The Big Q is over? What sorts of things will you continue to do after all this?

I will continue to do QI Gong and meditation every day to control my anxiety. i will also deep condition my hair every week. it is so healthy now. JZ

I don’t have to be so regimented in my life. CL

What I hope continues after the pandemic are virtual meetings. I love the convenience of logging in from anywhere in the country and the fact that you do not have to dress and drive to a location. My zoom book club meetings have much better participation now. EM

I don’t need to go to Drybar for my hair every week because I can do it myself. DG

We absolutely will continue getting food deliveries from Costco and other markets. What a blessing. I’ll also continue subscribing to Broadway HD — in memory of your mother if for no other reason. Have been watching some amazing plays. I’ll also continue taking walks every other day when the weather and air quality allow it, and exercising at home when I can’t do it outside. No more gym membership. And now that I know that I can redeem my Marriott points for Amazon gift cards, I won’t feel so pressed to use them to stay in hotels. LM

Meditate and do yoga and not be in such a hurry all the time -hopefully. MU

I will continue to bake bread (I’ve gotten really good at it and it’s therapeutic); make my own yogurt because it’s so much better than anything I’ve ever bought and it’s stupid easy); write postcards and letters to friends and family; cut my own hair (most of the time);  be more tin touch with people who matter to me; purge, purge purge. Finally, now that I’m unemployed, I am trying to find a way to be self-employed. EF

Make my own bed. Clean my patio. Go to Whole Foods for meat, chicken and fish. Keep walking 4-5 miles 3 or 4 times a week with friends. Watch Turkish soap operas as they are so good and full of art and great design. NC

I will probably always wear a mask on a plane now. GW

I will continue to shave only once a week; walk two or three miles a day 3; cook more, eat out less; practice guitar an hour a day; use my girlfriend’s homemade face lotions and body scrubs and play the NY Times (highly addictive) Spelling Bee puzzle. CW

I’ve been zooming – and since 3 of my best friends from college (the 4 of us were roommates) all live in other cities, we will probably continue to zoom together every 2 weeks or so. It’s been fun to “see” each other, so I will propose that we keep doing that.DG

I will probably continue wearing some sort of mask outside .I love all the extra washing and hand sanitizing so I will definitely keep it going. LA

I will take the ability to slow down, to appreciate what I have, to recognize that not all motion is progress.HM

Stay safe,

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  1. The pandemic this year does allow us to reflect on our lives, and as you say reflect on our habits (good and bad) and at least make a plan for a more brilliant tomorrow. It is awesome you are doing Qi Gong, I have a few friends who practice and they are some of the most centered people I know. Take care ~

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