Bucket List Places From People That I Know

Bucket List Places From People that I Know

“People don’t take trips . . . trips take people.”– John Steinbeck

Where is the place you most want to visit?

Tibet and maybe part of Mt Everest. RA

Tracking the gorillas in Rwanda because they are so fascinating and so like us in so many ways. CL

Scandinavia because they make great short films. LZ

Argentina for wine and steak. KZ

Alaska i want to look out  and see snow and polar bears. SR

Venice because I have never been there. TN

Grand Canyon with my family, the Straits of GibraltarEaster Island to see the Moabs and Sicily for pizza. JZ

Dubai because it looks rich, fun and interesting. KR

Scotland to play golf. PF

Great Wall because you can see it from space. AR

Istanbul and ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey. JF

Harry Potter Land In London with the kids. BE

Thailand to experience a Thai Buddhist monastery. JR

Malta  I think it would be fantastic to take the ferry from  Genoa. HM

Machu Picchu. EH

Jerusalem because I would like to see the places I read about in the Bible. Greece and Rome because of all the history there. JR

A Safari in Africa with a lot of animals. VC
Morocco because of the music and history. IF

Brazil I was there before and want to go back. I love the lifestyle, the people, the food and the Capoeira. GW

Antarctica  I want to see the penguins in their natural environment. JL

 Northern Lights because I want to see part of the Universe that is greater than us. SL

Myanmar They have a deep-rooted Buddhist tradition that I would like to experience. JB

Israel I want to lie on the beach in Tel Aviv. CB

Russia. I want to spend some time there – especially in St. Petersburg and SIberia. RC

Buenos Aires  because I fell in love with the language in Spain but I’ve never been to South America, because of my nerdy obsession with the musical Evita and my affection for bustling cities with classical architecture. KB

Italy because that is where my ancestors are from. VB

Petra, the Ganges River & Himalayas. EK

I want to go through the Amazon Rainforest  and see all the different indigenous tribes and the TranSiberian Railway. TM

Spain because I love the culture and hear great things about it. RA

Patagonia, Chile  because  it looks so beautiful. AR

Eze and Cap Ferrat because I love France and have not been to those cities yet. RW

Champagne for wine tasting and Monaco for the F1 race. RH

Fiji  It has  clear water and  beautiful beaches. BM

China because I have always been interested in the culture. SF

Galápagos. LA

Buckingham, England The Hughenden Manor- the home of Disraeli, Queen Victoria’s much loved Prime Minister. I admire Disraeli who was a writer, social thinker as well as a prime minister. His Manor carries the same name as The Hughenden Hotel built in Queen Victoria’s reign. SG

Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam, that’s it. been everywhere else I want to go. DL

Ireland to find out about my heritage. AD

New Zealand because I had a pen pal from New Zealand when I was a kid. CG

Kilamanjaro and  Nepal because I love mountain climbing. MS

Japan The people are very honest and polite. DH

Any more?

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  1. Can’t believe no one mentioned India! For the color,the people, the mindset, the beauty. And the grandeur. Colette

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