Luz A Salento Music School In Colombia

Luz A Salento Music School in Colombia

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!” JK Rowling

In one room kids are playing the clarinet. The youngest children are singing downstairs. There is a violin class going on in an outside courtyard.


It could be any music school in the world but this one is in the town of Salento, Colombia. It is Luz A Salento a music school geared to training and teaching local students ages 6-14. They start with lessons in violin, violincello, clarinet, flute, drums and eventually become part of the children’s orchestra.


The founders of this program believe that “ if these young kids take an instrument in their hands, that instrument will never be changed for a weapon.”


The Arts teach discipline to children without their knowledge.  They are learning it because something is enriching them and they want to go to the next level. They begin to put the time in to get better.  It isn’t about being the best. It’s about being the best you can be which translate into school subjects as well. Does listening and playing music make you smarter? Studies say Yes.


Art and Music should be within the reach of every person.  Countries with strong dividing lines between rich and poor make the cycle of poverty hard to break. There is not just material poverty in these villages but also a spiritual poverty. Teaching music teaches skills which translates into learning to value high achievement. Playing an instrument is empowering to children. They learn in group lessons which promotes confidence in what they create together. The children in this town are doing something that people don’t expect them to do. This music school is teaching them something that they never would have had the chance to learn.


But they need help. This isn’t a big foundation. It’s a small school in a town in the mountains of Colombia. They don’t have access to a lot of advertising and fundraising.


So any music lovers who want to help………..


If you don’t speak Spanish and want more info email Edeardo Olier (a retired dentist who has taken over running and funding the school) at

You can wire tax-deductible donations to any of these accounts: 7248-7230658 BancoColombia –Armenia Norte 07707024-1 AvVillas Bogota 31206054-4 Av Villas Armenia Norte.

The school email is

Music is the great uniter. It’s a thing that people and countries who cant’ agree on anything else can have in common. Music speaks to everyone when words cannot.

Please send anything you can.

Viaje con cuidado, JAZ

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  1. A wonderful article Thanks for sending My funds go to music here but hope others will help



    • I love that music school is available as an after school activity in so many SA countries. I spent part of a day the music school off of the plaza in Nicoya, Costa Rica, which was so popular that only the young children were able to learn and play in the building. Older children were out in the garage, out back under trees, learning in a neighbors yard. A blessing for all of us!
      – Roger

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