Ten People Who Can Not Help You Put Your Blog Out There


“For us there is only trying. The rest is not our business.”

TS Eliot

1. THE PEOPLE AT THE APPLE STORE.  Apple techs are very accommodating with all things Apple.  Blogs are not Apple…yet.

2. YOUR COMPUTER GUY. He is very helpful with all computer related issues, such as how your computer works, how it is connected, servers, printers, keyboards,  etc . Blogs are not that.

3. FRIENDS.  They have trouble signing up for my blog.  My friends are very supportive if they  can figure it out.  They are annoyed when I beg, plead, whine, cry or ask them to tell their friends to sign up.

4. KIDS. My kids have assured me that they are not computer literate. They are not like other people’s kids who help them do all things technical. They would love to help if they could.  It is so weird because they  seem so technically savvy with their own stuff.    My daughter calls me the “the blog bully” because I ask people to read my blog all the time.

5.WORDPRESS.  They could be helpful if I knew what a widget was.

6. SIGNIFICANT OTHER OR SOMEONE YOU ARE DATING – “I don’t read blogs” –like it is some strange secret religion that only members know to use.

7.PARENTS  – If you are young, your parents have no idea what this is. I’m sorry to blow this for the rest of you, but there is no internet in the afterlife. If there was, my mom would help me.

YOUR KIDS’ FRIENDS OR FRIENDS’ KIDS.  “We don’t blog.” Like “We don’t eat red meat”.

YOUR NEIGHBORS  “You would be great at writing a travel blog – no – I don’t know anything about how to go about doing it.”

ANYONE YOU KNOW PERSONALLY.  Humans that I know personally, do not blog or know anything about it.  My virtual cyber friends do.

So for those of you who do read this blog, thanks very much.  I am having so much fun writing it and I have no idea how you find it.

Fly safe,


10 thoughts on “Ten People Who Can Not Help You Put Your Blog Out There

  1. funny stuff. It has to be the first time i’ve considered the idea of an internet in the afterlife. see you saturday. love trevor


  2. I read your blogs, or most of them, since I get them emailed to me. They are really interesting and funny. I would have no idea how to find them on my own, but probably could figure it out if I had to!

  3. Sooooooo true. I love your blog, it’s one of the only emails I save when waking up and sifting through all the crappy ones!!! I think your hilarious. My partner looks at me crazy, while, I’m histarically laughing. This in itself is a rare feat since I am NOT a morning person. Thanks for laughs and interesting insight! 🙂

  4. The BEST ever!!!

    See you very soon, I hope!!


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