Twenty-Five Things That I Wanted To Do In 2017 – Did I?

Go to Waiheke Island because I have heard so much about it from my family Yes
 Go To New Zealand. Yes
Take a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier. Tried there was a whiteout.
 Meditate every day. Still trying.

Do more yoga. About the same 

Go to Copenhagen. No but I went to Chile which also starts with a c.

See the sunset on the beach when I am home at sunset. Yes

Go to Sydney Australia. Yes and Melbourne.

Drink less coffee.  A bit less.

Drink less Spanish Lattes and Thai Iced Coffee.  (I love condensed milk coffees)  Yes.

Take more Ubers in the US. Yes

Go To Sweden. No

Be more positive. Trying

Be better about making plans with friends. Trying

Spend more time with my family. Trying

See Auschwitz. No

Go to Israel. Yes and Jordan.

Pay more attention to politics and get more involved. Yes

Go To Grouplove concert. (missed them so far this year). No

Go to Poland. No, but I went to Portugal which also starts with a P.

Go to Overlook Film Festival in Oregon. No

Be kinder. Yes

Go to Anderson, Wakeman and Rabin again-they are amazing. Congratulations Trevor on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame . Trying

Think more before I speak. Trying

Eat less sugar. (I put this one in every few years)  Yes.

Not on list but I went to. Easter Island which is on my bucket list.

There are not so many yesses this year but a lot of trying. Trying is better than not trying.

Fly safe,