Countries With The Longest Life Expectancies

Countries With The Longest  Life Expectancies

 ‘If a man in China dies before 90, other people treat the death as early and tragic.’ unknown

I  think of life as a finite amount of time.  Maybe we are each allocated a certain number of years. Some countries have more- some less. People often exceed the life expectancy of their country. For them, every day is a gift. here is a list of the top ten places to live if you want more of a guarantee of long life.

10; In South Korea people now live longer than Americans. Perhaps it is exercise – they take it very seriously and walk a lot also. Perhaps it is diet. Kimchi, a staple of Korean food, is actually rated as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Korean meat and chicken are raised differently and are considered to be healthier than those in the United States.

9. The people in Israel live long lives. The world has made great strides in reducing deaths that arise from preventable and treatable diseases and Israelis have good medical care. Israeli people live in a constant state of stress and fighting which should work against their lifespan. But the Israeli warmth and social support has a major influence on their mental state. Israelis do live with a fear of terror which is balanced by a high level of optimism.

8. Australia is now included in the group of countries where people are expected to live longer. Australia’s universal health care system is one of the best in the world.There is a sharp decline in tobacco consumption. Though they are living longer, there is also a rise in diseases so it may not mean that they are living healthier.

7. Red wine and good health insurance make France one of the countries with a long life expectancy. Walking, everything in moderation, varied diet and no snacks or sodas are proven to be helpful for longevity. 

6. Singaporeans are living longer now. They are not just living longer but staying healthy longer. There is great emphasis on proper care for the onset of chronic diseases. In Singapore good health seem to come with wealth, a strong economy and good health care. They want to change the perception of aging  by keeping people over the age of sixty-five as vital members of society.   

5. Italians smoke more, earn less and spend less on health care than we do but they still live longer. The Mediterranean diet is also likely to be a factor in the long lifespans in Italy. Olive oil helps.

4. There are long life expectancies in Switzerland. They have a good work life balance. The Swiss work normal hours and take proper lunch breaks.Their cities are very pedestrian friendly and walkable.They have the highest chocolate consumption of any country in the world. Dark chocolate is believed to have protective powers.

3.  Spanish people are happy, friendly and walk everywhere. The food in Spain is unprocessed and there are a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Gazpacho and honey are credited with longevity powers.

2. If you had the power to choose the chance for a long life, you would choose to be born in Japan. Japanese boys and girls are  expected to live to 73 without any major illness or disability. Their overall life expectancy is in the 80s. The high Japanese life expectancy is due to a diet low in fats and high in carbs. It also includes regular exercise and a healthy attitude to life, community and family. The island of Okinawa has an unusually high proportion of old people attributed  often to a laid back attitude and a lot of varieties of seaweed in their diet.


1. People who live in Hong Kong are outliving the rest of the world.  They have beaten Japan primarily because smoking has decreased by fifty per cent. Hong Kong is a city while Japan is a country with rural areas included. In general, people who live in the city have longer lives. People in Hong Kong have good access to education, clean water, medical care and electricity. The Asian diet which is low in sugar, Feng Shui, Yin and Yang philosophy (balancing opposing forces – physically and mentally), importance of family ( people who live alone die sooner) and no sun worshipping, are all contributing factors to their long lives. 


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