Apologizing For Trump All Over The World

Apologizing for Trump All Over The World

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” Søren Kierkegaard

As Americans traveling in Europe we do apologize often for our behavior. But we may have outdone ourselves with Trump. Trump represents the America that the world hates. He embodies the worst anti-American stereotypes: vulgar, violent, cash-obsessed, racist.  I recently returned from Europe and the Middle East and found myself on the Trump Apology Tour. They are just baffled by how we have this Republican candidate.’To be a potential leader of a nation of immigrants and be anti-immigration and xenophobic plays into other countries fears.

The world seemed to like Obama. Traveling in 2008 was fun when it came to politics.  Since the rise of Trump, you can’t really travel out of the US without a barrage of  political questions.

In South Africa, I was often asked who do you think is worse Zuma or Trump? We’ve never competed with corrupt, dictator types before for unpopularity.  “Why is Trump so popular with Americans?” asked the man at border control in Jordan. Are they allowed to ask that while holding your passport? As usual, I immediately have to distance myself from the Donald. ”No Idea. It’s terrifying.” He smiled and stamped my passport. 

America is no stranger to embarrassing exports but we may have outdone ourselves with Donald Trump. They feel that what started as a bad joke might become a reality. Europeans are definitely feeling that now they have a reason to act superior.”What do you think of Trump?’ they ask. What I think is that Trump destroys everything I do as a traveler to make an impact on how people see Americans.

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8 thoughts on “Apologizing For Trump All Over The World

  1. This is my tenth months living in the US as an expat. I realized that through a democratic process would allow anyone regardless his/her background and opinion to be chosen as a leader. Sadly, that is the real deal in the democratic system. I am not even sure if we can prevent it without violating others rights.

    In Indonesia, we had a president candidate who was a suspect in human rights crimes. He was popular and I was worried he would get elected by majority Indonesians but (thankfully) he was lost in the election (we have also direct presidential election just like in the US – but to be honest, ours was less complicated than here 😀 ). Fingers crossed that majority in the US will choose the right candidate 🙂

  2. Jayne, your comments are so true. I am so embarrassed when my international clients come to our wonderful country and we are constantly making excuses for Trumps horrific, hateful comments.

    Thanks for doing what you do in spreading a positive message to our international friends.

  3. It is just mortifying to think that we are just a few weeks away from the final conclusion of this insane election. Trump is not only embarrassing but extremely dangerous. I remember traveling to Italy in 2004 when George W was in office and having to field questions about a president that I did not want or believe in.

    The world is all looking our way. Thanks Jayne for writing this and spreading some hope…

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