The First Thanksgiving

“Taking Mum’s hand, I whispered “Are we really safe, here?” Alwyn Evens, Walk In My Shoes

I thought I would repost this one in honor of Thanksgiving and to remember that unless we are Native American, we all came from somewhere else.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Travel Well, Fly Safe

The First Thanksgiving

“If you’re going to America, bring your own food.”     
Fran Lebowitz

I overheard a conversation between four immigrants.  They were discussing Thanksgiving  with  the confidence of people who had celebrated all their lives.  “My wife makes the turkey but we always do Israeli cous cous, salad and hummus to to go along with it, “ said the Israeli man.  “I have to have rice. I like to put my turkey on the white rice and eat it, replied the Vietnamese woman.  “ We make the turkey more spicy. My family likes spicy”, added the Colombian woman. “My friends and I go out. I love my turkey on Thanksgiving “, said the man from Budapest. I listened to the different accents discussing the best way to cook a turkey. It was clearly their holiday.

Most of them learned about the tradition from their kids. It is the same…

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