Around The World With Beaded Bracelets

Around The World With Beaded Bracelets

“I learned that you should feel when writing, not like Lord Byron on a mountain top, but like a child stringing beads in kindergarten, – happy, absorbed and quietly putting one bead on after another.” Brenda Ueland

That should really be the name of my blog. I don’t know when it started but I buy cheap ethnic bracelets in different countries around the world for myself and gifts. People like them. (temple cedar bracelets – Viet Nam)


I try to spend under five dollars a bracelet and buy them in markets or from street vendors. A dollar or two is even better. (ceramic – Mexico)


It is an easy to pack gift and a nice memory for me of a country I have been to. I mix them all up and wear them almost every day. Today I am wearing Argentina, Mexico, Myanmar and Thailand. (Myanmar, Thailand)


It’s good to buy indigenous jewelry because it helps the local communities. Many countries have stores or markets that feature local artisans. The bracelets are made from wood from local trees, nuts, seeds, glass, silver, tin, brass, bamboo, woven, pottery and even plastic. Sometimes they have religious significance and sometimes only decorative.(Peru)


My favorite one comes from Panama and is made from a tagua nut which is known as vegetable ivory. Due to tagua’s properties in color, appearance, hardness and feel like those of natural ivory, it is being substituted for the latter one. This helps in the depredation of elephants while at the same time keeps rain forests from being deforested which in turn favors the ecosystems and the environment.


I also buy ethnic designed bracelets for myself. When I wear them, they remind of the special day in the country where I bought them. (Myanmar, Cambodia, Murano glass – Italy, Argentina, real coral-Croatia)






Another important factor to consider is that making things by hand provides work to thousands of people in these poor countries giving them and their families a better life and the opportunity of offering their children a better education. (shells-Panama)


Shopping for bracelets is perfect street consumerism for me.(Coca nut -Argentina)


There is the thrill of finding the bracelet among the crafts and tourist crap. I know these look touristy but there was a beach in Panama that was covered in these pinkish orange shells so they remind me of that beautiful beach. Yes I brought home a bag of the shells also.  (Panama)



Then there is the delicate negotiation of getting the right price without insulting anyone.There is the danger of going too low and the stupidity of paying too much. (plastic- Turkey or anywhere that has real Turquoise)


Finally we have the adrenalin rush of the purchase. (Aborigine – Australia)


It makes my world better and their world better. It’s a win – win situation.

Fly safe,


10 thoughts on “Around The World With Beaded Bracelets

  1. Istanbul. 1974. After college with my mom. She and the Bosporus are still with me when I wear it. I get you. Violette V.Weisfeld


  2. We’ve slept together How come I never got a bracelet Xo

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    • you have to see me in the first week I come back, i give them out to whoever i see. My hairdresser always gets one. Thanks for sharing. Ill bring you one. from Brazil.:)

  3. This is fantastic in its reach, thought and also timing. My sister just emailed me a photo of a bracelet and asked where we had gotten it ~ I started flipping through different possibilities and soon became lost in the memories and great times each place/culture had offered. The same feeling I receiving in reading this post – wonderful!

    • Im sure. But i would love an animal tooth bracelet as long as the animals were not killed for their teeth. thanks for commenting and reading.

  4. Loved that!! You knew I would!! Just remember, your arm is always long enough for one more bracelet with one more beautiful memory. You can never have too many of either. xoxo

    • You know where i keep my bracelets? In that hanging case i saw in your closet ( yes I’m that kind of houseguest) that you said came from Marshalls. I found both Marshalls and the cases. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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