Thirty Things That I Want To Do In 2014

Thirty Things That I Want To Do 2014.

“Every hundred feet, the world changes.”  Robert Boitano

1. Go to Colombia.

2. Go to the Grand Canyon.

3. Go To Southeast Asia.

4. Go to Seattle.

5. Read more books on the 1000 Books You Have To Read Before You Die.

6. Go to the theatre with my son.

7. Meditate every day.

8. Do an Urban Art tour in LA.

9. Do a spa day with my daughter.

10. Watch even less Real Housewives.

11. Go to Guatemala.

12. Go To Miami.

13. Have more spiritual friends.

14. Eat less sugar.

15. Go to the Bridge On The River Kwai.

16. Try ten new restaurants in LA.

17. Try ten restaurants in other places.

18. Have ten meals with Kitchensurfing.

19. Go back to Japan.

20. Spend more time at 826 LA.

21. Practice tai chi.

22.  Go to a ryokan.

23. Go To Angor Wat,

24. Drink less coffee

25. React less.

26. Go To Agua Dulce.

27. Get more people to read my blog.

28. Do more yoga.

29. Go to Bainbridge Island.

30. Go to a Grouplove  concert.

I’ll check in at the end of the year and let you know how well I did. Make your own lists !

Fly safe,


9 thoughts on “Thirty Things That I Want To Do In 2014

  1. I love this Jayne I would like to do a lot of those thingS too We can go over the list and do some together! Xo

    Sent from my iPhone Donna

  2. Hi Jayne, Verrry ambitious – gonna be interesting to see how far you’ve gotten in Jan. 2015. Harv

  3. Hi there, I just read your list and feel inspired. That was awesome and vulnerable to put that out there, or maybe I am projecting.. ha ha.

    This is the year of the WILD HORSE, asking us to be more patient and more persevering. I like to add feelings to my list of what I want this year that then lead to my manifestations, like feel happier, feel more at ease, feel more spontaneous, feel more more loving… well you get it. I think it is the feelings we want more than the lover.. ha ha… to feel embraced, cared for and seen…. for example, that leads to more people clicking yes to your blog…

    In my group for the New Year, one woman said, to feel passionate about not meddling into her kids affairs and therefore engaging trusting her kids more often. Oh how many of us , as parents, practice that feeling, every year? We hope for improvement rather than perfection, don’t you think? That is where there are times I talk to myself , rather than text my daughter. I pretend I am chatting with her. Now is that crazy, no, it is preservation . Any how, that is one example from a mom in the group. As an inspiration to you, not that you ever have trouble meeting men, one woman was walking her dog, being so happy that her mate ( imaginary at that time) was walking with her. That evening, she met a man while out to dinner and they are dating with smiles.

    May this year bring us more into awareness of what really matters in our life . Take good care, Natalie

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  4. Great list!!! Lets try and DI a fun trip too!!! I’d love that!! We only have 20 years to do it all!! Goes soo fast!!! Love lots too!!’

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