Things I Have Learned In Tasmania

Things I Have Learned In Tasmania

“Today is your special day, even if today might be tomorrow to an Australian. And even though you’re not Australian, it doesn’t negate the fact that today may or may not be tomorrow.”  Jarod Kintz

Tasmania was discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642. It was called Van Diemans Land after the Governor of the Dutch West Indies. Two hundred years later, it was named Tasmania.


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania.

Legs only allowed.

The oldest bridge in Australia is the Richmond Bridge  in Hobart.


Tasmania has wonderful wine, dramatic coastlines, great coffee, rugged mountains,  fresh cheese,  pure water and  delicious food. (Wicked Cheese)


With the growing demand for food and wine as part of the travel experience, Tasmania becomes a must see destination.

There are a number of high quality vineyards such as Frogmore Creek and Pooley.



Tasmania has the largest lavender farm in the world and is one of the largest growers of pharmaceutical opium. (They have some serious cold medicine at the local chemist. -opium field)


Australia’s first casino  was in Tasmania.

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.

Tasmania has more golf courses than any other Australian state . (With all this green, it makes sense).

The oldest brewery in Australia is the Cascade Brewery  in Hobart.




In Salamanca, the yellow sandstone warehouses, inspired by Georgian architectural style and built in the 1830s once held grain, whale oil, wool and apples. Now Salamanca Place is undoubtedly one of the liveliest parts of Hobart,  thanks to the many cafes ,restaurants, shops, pubs and galleries .


.The Salamanca Market is a particularly popular place on Saturdays for both tourists and locals, operating between the hours of 8:30am to 3:00pm.


There are over 300 stallholders at the markets each weekend. These include organic vegetables, fresh fruit, hot potatoes,  coffee, chocolate, pastries , nuts and that’s just the food! There is  hand-worked glass, paintings, Tasmanian timber, ceramics, fashion, handmade toys and more. In the background, you’ll hear street musicians  entertaining the crowd, perhaps playing a harp, strumming their guitar or singing an old jazz song.


The world’s smallest marsupial, known as the pygmy possum, is native to Tasmania. (could be a pigmy possum, could be something else)


Much of the island is vast, empty wilderness.  Tasmania receives more visitors per year than its whole population, which tallies in at over 500,000.

The first telephone call in Australia was made in Tasmania.

Bonorong sanctuary motto is “doing well, by doing good”.


It is not a zoo but  a place to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife and hopefully release them back into the wild. (Koalas and friend, baby wombat)



They are researching and breeding the Tasmanian Devils. They are now an endangered species due to a highly contagious facial cancer that is killing them off.


Always good advice!


Most of their funding comes from guests visiting the park so definitely go when you are in Hobart. Especially if you like hanging out with kangaroos.


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Australia’s oldest and first synagogue was in Hobart, built in 1845.

The Tasman Penninsula had a devastating fire last January. The highway follows the blackened trees and new green grass which grows back quickly after a fire. 65 properties were destroyed including the school. ( sheep are grey from rubbing up against the burned trees )


Tasmania has amazing vertical sea cliffs and sea caves and walks around the cliffs.


There are many natural beautiful sites carved out by the sea. There is Pirates Bay Lookout, then down to the Tessellated Pavement, Blowhole, Devils Kitchen and Tasman Arch.



Look out for the Devils.


Coles Bay, was  the first place  in Australia to ban plastic shopping bags in 2003.

I am at the top of Mt Wellington –  like Charles Darwin was in 1836.   The only difference is that  I went by car on a road and I am standing on a man-made lookout point.


It is cold and windy up there but beautiful views.


We are filling water bottles from some of the sweetest water I have ever tasted. (Mount Wellington)


The best way to see the Tasman Penninsula and sites of Hobart is with Patrick of Great Expeditions. He is informative and fun and really cares about making sure you have the best experience in Tasmania. Thanks Patrick for an amazing trip and  great coffee.


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