Passport In Hand

“A passport, as I’m sure you know, is a document that one shows to government officials whenever one reaches a border between countries, so the officials can learn who you are, where you were born, and how you look when photographed unflatteringly.”  ~Lemony Snicket

Passport In Hand

I know  that the purpose of a travel  blog is to let everyone know what I am doing in my travels.    I could bring my ipad and blog every day.   I can write notes  in my notebook and then stay in at night and blog.  I can sit in an outdoor café and blog.   I could  blog  at  two am when I can’t sleep.

Or, I can do what I normally do.  Experience as much as I can.  Be in the moment instead of recording it   for posterity –  especially,  since no one is paying me, yet.

I am one of those people who sleeps very little when I am traveling. I don’t want to miss anything.  I can sleep when I am home.  I go to bed very late and I get up early.  It is probably why jet lag takes me so long to recover. I’m exhausted.

I love to walk around a city when it is waking up in the morning.   It is usually at its quietest. (Not Venice because that is when the cruse ships unload) In Barcelona, I walked by the always very crowded Casa Mila (Gaudi) . It had just opened up,  I walked in and was the only person there. It was quite amazing to see it like that.  I had a similar experience   at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence with my daughter.  I had the opposite experience at the L’Ermitage in St Petersburg- it was still crowded because of the dreaded cruise ships.

If it is raining, polluted, or there is a time constraint, I use the treadmill.   I watch the TV programs from whatever country I am in.  I watch cartoons in Italy to practice my Italian. (Cartoon characters speak slower in Italy). I’ve watched bullfighting in Spain (the close-ups and reenactments are gruesome), and the ski reports in Germany ( only to find out I was going to the Alps and didn’t know),  Japanese game shows are my favorites . They are so crazy and colorful. You don’t have to know the language to understand they are completely humiliating themselves and having the best time doing it.  I love watching TV in the UK because the people look so normal and sometimes they are unattractive .

I go non stop during the day .   I don’t really like to sit for long lunches.  I prefer to walk with a baguette or a power bar.  I like to see and shop as much as I can.   If there is a beach, I want to be on it.

In the evening, I like the long meals, a  cultural event, local massage,  or just hanging out  in a square having a drink.  When I was younger and traveling, it was all about beaches and nightlife. I always said that I will do the other things when I get older and now I do.  It is great to have been able to experience both.

Basically, I take a computer break.  But now I am a blogger so things have changed.  I will take  more photos without me standing in front of them.  I will take photos of things I write about. i will take photos of my college friends.  I will take photos of food. (cyberspace seems to love food photos – just look at your facebook friends). I will still be writing notes in my moleskin notebook, on napkins, menus , tourist brochures , receipts and hotel stationery.   When I transcribe them, the papers will  remind me of a delicious meal,  a great museum , a beautiful  room or an interesting conversation. .   You will have to hear about it when I return –Just like my friends and family  have for years.

Hoscakal, Fly safe,


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  1. Just loved this blog…the simplicity of the moment and the experiencing of life and countries and cultures in such an uncontrived way…really lovely. xoTracy

  2. Jayne, I LOVE reading your blogs, I feel like Im with you.


  3. Jayne, I am enjoying all your entertaining antics and extremely sensible ideas for travel and culture and life….. Have a great time in Turkey Love… Look forward to hearing all about it !!


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