Things I Have Learned and Loved at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Citius, altius, fortius”  (Faster, Higher, Stronger)

motto of the Olympic Games:

Things I Have Learned  and Loved at the  2012 Summer Olympics

I love the Olympics. I love the Opening Ceremonies with the spectacle of creativity and tradition. I love the Parade of Countries. I love the events. For seventeen days I watch as much as I can. I don’t really like sports so I don’t understand where this obsession comes from.   No event is too insignificant for me to watch if I am home. After seventeen days, at the closing ceremonies, I am emotionally exhausted from all the pressure.  I am just as  happy  as the host country  is,  that they are going home.

Every host country has the cutest and most children performing. Who knew there were so many adorable childrens’ choirs in the world? (  China  didn’t and decided to have their cuter child lip sync a less cute child with a better voice.)

Any  Opening Ceremony  directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting), that starts with Kenneth Branagh quoting from The Tempest, brings the Queen Mum in with James Bond, and ends with Paul McCartney singing  Hey Jude is my kind of sporting event.

I love those 81 countries who have never won a medal and really are “just pleased to be nominated.” They are the happiest and proudest people walking in the Parade of  Nations.

Mr Bean  can play Chariots of Fire on the piano.

I learned several new countries in that parade – Djibouti, Dominia, Burkina Fasos, Comorros, Kiribati, Lesotho, Nauru, Moldovo, Sao Tome and Principe and Turkmenistan.

There were nightmares at the Olympics-  a weird and dark element that doesnt really make any sense unless you are Charles Dickens.

I enjoy seeing the countries I haven’t been to because it gives me a taste of the people who live in them. I love how they are all taking video of themselves , each other and the stadium as they march in. Their excitement  is so contagious, that I root for all of them.

I am suddenly interested in the Olympic Trivia.   Denmark is the most competitive in badminton. Some of the Muslims will fast because it is Ramadan. The others will fast later. A few will fast except on the days they compete.  It is the first time that Saudi Arabia sent women athletes. Bangladesh has the largest amount of athletes of the countries who have never won.  The United States has won way more Olympic Gold Medals than anyone else. China has thousands to catch up with. The NBC Pavilion has a Wolfgang Puck Café.

My favorite Olympic commercial is United Airlines “We move them before they move us.” It’s a true Hallmark card moment. ( and they play George Gershwin’s American in Paris)

It is a great Olympic Ceremony that includes  Clash, the Rolling Stones, Queen, the Sex Pistols and David Bowie .

“Its kind of a cool thing to do the best gymnastics of your life at the Olympics” – quote from the TV commentator…… uh,yeah.

Its very hard to medal in the swimming competition if you are in lane 8. It rarely happens – sorry Michael  Phelps. But congratulations on winning the most Olympic medals ever.

I tear up at the back stories and the medal ceremonies. I love watching their faces when they play the National Anthem of the winning country. None of them ever know all the words to their National Anthems.

I hate the nerves. There was a lot of slipping and falling  in men’s gymmastics by a lot of world champions. Women’s gymnastics was an emotional roller coaster . I cried with Jordyn Weiber . I cried with the Russians.  I was jumping up and down when the Americans won the gold. I am a wreck.

I love the crazy parents. Its the ultimate Reality TV.

I get caught up in the mystery surrounding who will be the last person to carry the flame and light the torch.  I usually have no idea who the person is, but it doesn’t matter.  I knew who David Beckham was.   I did not know Steve Redgrave, a five time Olympic Gold Medalist in Rowing.   There are no media scandals surrounding him. It is an event that is not televised in the US (unless it is at three in the morning)  .

The British added humor and wonder to the Chinese spectacle that no one thought they could top. (apparently there are many people who thought they didn’t)  I love the Opening Ceremony competition. So, bring it on Brazil.

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