Things I Learned In……..(fill in country)

I havent been everywhere but its on my list.”

For the last several years , I have traveled  alot.  Probably to make up for the last twenty years that I have not traveled at all.  Sometimes I travel with friends and family and sometimes I travel alone. I dont know when I became this person who could travel alone. but Ive learned how to enjoy it and make friends along the way(mostly virtual friends when I return)
I usually write  about the things Ive learned to my friends and family. People have been telling me for a while to be a travel writer, so I thought Id start out here.  Ill go anywhere that I havent been.  I always have anxiety before I go on a trip alone. Sometimes when I get to a place, I wonder what possessed me to pick this. This is the strangest place I have ever been.  But the next day, it doesnt feel so strange anymore.
I can eat anything raw.  I can go to the bathroom standing up. I am fluent in hand motions and can speak Spanish  in the present tense only..  Though directionally challenged, I can find my way  in any airport  to the gate and the luggage terminal. I must be an airport savant.  I can cram more things into a suitcase than it is supposed to hold.  If I have a few drinks, I forget that I cant speak the language of the country i am in.  I still carry travelers checks for an emergency thought no one will cash them anymore.  I make sure to learn how to say coffee with milk and no sugar  in every language.  I have accidently used tap water to brush my teeth in countries that you shouldnt and I am still here to write this. I have been to the gynecologist in Greece,  the dentist in the Kyushu Islands in Japan and the emergency room in Edinburgh twice ( that trip was with my kids).  Heels are my walking shoe of choice. (though I always have the appropriate shoes with me in case I need them)  Ive perfected speed shopping and no matter how many bracelets i buy as gifts, it is never enough. Im afraid on small planes.  I always have another trip planned (even if it is just in my head) before I return from the one I am on.   Those are my credentials.
                                                                                                                     Fly Safe,

2 thoughts on “Things I Learned In……..(fill in country)

  1. Jayne- you are an amazing writer…..Thanks for inviting me to your blog. How wonderful that you have the opportunity to do so much traveling..and now you can share it with those of us who can’t travel at the moment. I laughed about the travelers checks. I just recently found out that no one uses them anymore when I tried to buy some for one of my kids going on a trip….nothing is sacred. Look forward to more armchair travel…thanks

  2. Hi Jayne, I laughed at the UK blog, you have such a great dry sense of humor, next step is the comedy store!!!

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